Brigitte Evill - Thoughts

"Ever since I can remember, I've had a head full of ideas. Most of the ideas I have now are just as difficult to say in words as they were when I was much younger. And by the time you're 40 or so, you've had so many more experiences that seemingly simple ideas are now mixed with hopes, uncertainties and questions and anything else that's happened to you.

"I think art gets both harder and easier as you get older. I have more skill to express an idea into something physical like a piece of steel or bronze but I'm more ambitious every time I start something new, so I'm always battling with how to make this particular piece this time round.

"I don't worry nearly as much as I used to about what exactly I'm saying in the piece because the idea's just a starting point. It's like an engine that wants to run and go somewhere but sometimes other things are steering and even the road itself - the materials I work in - can shape how something turns out quite a lot.

"One thing that keeps coming back in my thoughts - even in the way I see a landscape that takes me by surprise - is the question, 'is this how I thought it would be?' I'm no philosopher and I think that's just a simple, basic human thought we all have at least some of the time, not always about the deepest things like the meaning of life but sometimes it's just about where you're standing and what you're seeing at that time.

"Metal is such a strange material to work in because it's so hard and cold but can express such tender and gentle emotions. One of my favourite pieces is The River by Maillol. It's this huge woman in bronze, she must be 15 feet tall. But she's falling, crashing to the ground. You can feel the ground shake beneath you. It's incredible and incredibly moving because although she's so huge she's so vulnerable.

"I like showing my work because, in the end, it's about sharing ideas and feelings with other people. What they make of the work is down to them and I can't control that but I can suggest and point. In the end, I think that's what art does." Brigitte Evill